Madhya Pradesh Holiday Packages

Are you planning to enjoy your holidaying with your family in a serene environment with some great food? If yes, then Madhya Pradesh can be a great option for you.

Being the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh houses many historical and cultural establishments of India. Bhopal, the city of the lake, is the capital city of the state. It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in India. Madhya Pradesh is the best destination to spend a vacation if you love history, monuments, Palaces, and Caves. Once you are sure about visiting tourist places in MP, our team at MyCozyTrip can help you choose from some well planned Madhya Pradesh tourism packages.

Let’s have a look at some of the must-visit places of this amazing state of India. There are a large number of MP tourist places that can make your holidays worth spending. To make your travel smooth, you can let one of our travel experts carve out a well prepared tour itinerary for you. Some places to visit here include Orchha - a reminiscence of the bundela era. This place has been a major tourist attraction because of its architectural richness. It is a small Hamlet housing the richest architectural evidence. Next stop can be the Panna National Park, which is a well maintained wild life reserve, which is house to the Royal Bengal tigers and stands as one of the best national parks to visit while in India. Another place to stop is the Khajuraho, which is famous for its very ancient temples with perfectly carved erotic sculptures. Khajuraho temples are indeed an epitome of India art.

Madhya Pradesh is house to some amazing places with artistic richness and cultural values. There are many more places to visit in MP and you can avail popular MP tourism packages from We will help you make the best of the vacation and take you to must-visit Tourist places in Madhya Pradesh. MP will not only entertain you with its spectacular sculptures and monuments, but it will also teach you a lot about the Inida culture, art, and religion. To enlighten yourself with some amazing facts of history, pack your bags and Travel to Madhya Pradesh.

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